For a long time, UTVs mainly were tools used by commercial operations like landscapers, contractors, ranchers, and others who need reliable transportation across rough terrain. Then someone discovered if you jazz them up a little, UTVs could be a ton of fun as a motorsport ride, and that’s the direction the market is headed now. American Landmaster built its reputation as a tough, rugged, reliable, commercial UTV on the performance of its gas-powered LV and L7X models. For 2021, the company is jumping all in on motorsports adding some hot new features and a slug of options to their premiere models, making them perfect recreational vehicles for thrill-seekers, off-roaders, and anyone else who enjoys outdoor activities.

Introducing the EV – 4×2

You guessed it. The EV stands for Electric Vehicle, one of the several changes Landmaster made to accommodate the new market. Swapping out a combustion engine for an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery allows for silent operation without any loss in speed or torque. Now you can quietly cruise your community or fly like the wind down a rugged trail with the only noise you hear is your own laughter and the sound of dirt and gravel crunching under the tires.

The American Landmaster EV – 4×2 is a fun ride, and we are about to tell you why.

Packed With Shocking Performance Features!

Okay, we promise not to use any more puns. The EV – 4×2’s performance relies on a combination of exciting features that result in an exhilarating ride that is easy to drive. It does not have the aggressive military look that many UTVs have adopted, but if that’s what you want, we can do the mods to make it happen. What makes the EV – 4×2 hot is not what you can see but what you feel:

* Instant Torque. Because it has an electric motor, the EV – 4×2 reaches max torque when you touch the accelerator and will get you up to 30 mph quickly and take you up a steep hill from a dead stop with no sweat. 

* Surprisingly Smooth Ride. Landmaster’s Ride Optimization Suspension System (L-ROSS) makes bumps, hills, and tight turns disappear. Toss in power steering, four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, and best-in-class performance shocks, 25-inc on/off-road rubber, limited-slip differential, and you have an incredible UTV experience.

* Rapid Charge and Extended Range. Each EV-4×2 comes with a high-speed charging system that completely recharges the battery off a standard 110V plug-in source in two hours. In addition, the standard battery comes with a 45-mile range package or can upgrade to a long-range 65-mile unit.

Now Available at AWT Motorsports

The EV-4×2 is new for 2021 and, we are excited to have just taken delivery on a pair of these. Both are fully rigged out and priced competitively. We have even made financing online easy. So, please take a moment now and check out our inventory. If we are missing something and these come with a lot, just let us know and we can add it on. Call us and speak to an UTV specialist for all the details. Call us at 713-682-1085 now!