AWT follows the trends in the vehicle industry. Several of our staff members go to the SEMA show on an annual basis. Oh yeah!   SEMA is the largest car and truck  aftermarket event in the world with the best vehicle vendors there showing all the latest and greatest products. The Jeep Wrangler has been one of the most popular vehicles at Sema…..a few years ago AWT saw the trend and decided to jump in feet first on building jeeps and providing jeep owners with a solid place to buy and also get their parts installed.

At any given time you can come to our store and see several jeep builds being worked on or just finished. Jeeps are one of the coolest vehicles to work on because there are 1000’s of parts readily available and so many ways to modify them.

We have wondered when this trend will stop but every time we think it slows down, here comes another build! The newest projects have been with the Jeep Gladiator, this is the truck version for jeeps. Since the Gladiator has come out we have seen more and more jeeps coming in.  Jeep lovers are such a large group and we love helping them get their projects just the way they want them.

AWT has the Houston Jeep market down, but one day in a company meeting we were trying to find a way to sell more jeeps parts, so we decided to launch a new e commerce site called www.awtjeeps.com. We launched this site back in April, and have been seeing more and more sales come in. We are extremely excited to transfer our knowledge to customers outside our area and extend our great customer service skills as well.  We know we would be nothing without our customers so that is why we live by our core value to always exceed our customer’s expectations! 

AWT JEEP has wheels, tires, lift kits and a ton of jeep accessories on site now ready to buy…but like I said earlier, there are 1000s of jeep parts and accessorie’s so our in-house data guys never have time to rest.  They are constantly putting more and more parts on the site.

If you are a Jeep lover and need some parts, please go to our site and check it out.