Here we go!  Our owner has a huge passion for anything that has wheels on it….so in 2018 he found a company called Advanced EV, a golf cart manufacturer that has 2, 4 and 6 passenger golf carts.

After looking into the company very closely, he found out the drive train is built by Toyota and the other components are built in the Yamaha plant so he knew the quality would be good.  He bought one of the Advanced EV carts for himself and used the cart for a few months and decided that our AWT customers would enjoy them as much as he did.  Advanced EV just so happened to have a territory available right where we are located, so we jumped in feet first.

We stocked a few and sold them quickly so we stocked some more.  Guess what?  We sold them! It has been great addition to our company and has really helped out during the pandemic. People are staying home and what do they want to do?  Cruise around the neighborhood with their friends and family!

We customize the golf carts just as we do all the others things we drive!  Upgrades include full and partial wraps, stereo/sound bars, led under glow lighting, new wheels, lift kits, extra lights, custom interiors and the list goes on. Customers are enjoying them at their homes, beach houses and hunting ranches.

We just finished a hunting version for one of the owner’s good friends and put rifle holders, camo wrap, special tires and extra lights. They are excited to use it for hunting pigs. Super quiet!

This business is a lot of fun!  Everyone wants to customize their cart to their personality, so this works hand in hand with the store  We can do whatever people want to their golf carts  in-house which makes it really nice and a lot of fun for us.

Another thing we added was an online financing option.  You can complete the application right from our website.  This lets you start enjoying the cart right away and pay a little at a time.  Go check out our site and the different models, color options and upgrades available and give us a call!