At American Wheel & Tire we are known as one of the largest providers of wheels, tires, aftermarket products of all kinds, and our custom builds. In short, if it moves on 4 wheels (or 3) we equip or customize it. So, it was not surprising when Mike, the owner of AWT, bought a golf cart for his own personal use. Played with it for a couple of months, and decided we ought to add the golf cart sales and service business to our lineup. There happened to be a territory open for Advanced EV golf carts, we grabbed it and have been selling these rides ever since. Now these are not the golf carts that cruise golf courses carrying two guys in bright clothes and a couple of sets of clubs. No, these are definitely not your Daddy’s golf cart. We carry two models, the EV1 and the Advent. These electric rides come in 2, 4, and 6 passenger models making them perfect for family or commercial transportation. Don’t think so? Well, check out this 2015 report from the Harvard Business Review that claims “the future of electric vehicles is golf carts, not Tesla.” If you can stop laughing long enough we will explain why.

Let’s Not Call Them Golf Carts

Part of the problem taking golf carts seriously is their image and brand. So, let’s call the ones we sell what they really are’ Low Speed Vehicles (LSV). Check it out with DMV to find out where you can legally drive on public streets. You’re going to be surprised how these rides can be decked out. We have an EV1 – 6 (6 passenger) that comes factory equipped with horn, headlights, taillights, turn lights, side view mirrors, speedometer, battery gauge, and seat belts. We added our 14×7 AWT Alloys Renegade Wheels in Gloss Black wrapped in low profile tires, custom upholstery, Color Change LED Lighting Under Roof, 22 mph forward speed and a Wet Sounds Bluetooth Sound Bar. Talk about a party ride. And that’s just the beginning. Here’s a short list of other available customization options:
  • Factory lift
  • Disc brakes
  • Light bar
  • LED lighting
  • Custom paint or wrap jobs
  • Truck bed
A golf cart or LSV is more than just a fun form of transportation. Our Advanced EV models are powered by a 48V/4kw motor meaning they are quiet, cheap to run, and give off zero emissions. Each has an intelligent onboard charger allowing them to be quickly (and cheaply) refueled. Equipped correctly they are street legal anywhere LSVs are allowed by your city or community. They are street legal, but they are not limited to streets. With a factory lift and the right wheels and tires (we our own full wheel line coming soon, AWT Alloys) this baby can take on some surprisingly tough terrain. We have one customer who had us deck out his cart in a vinyl wrap, add some bar lights and a rifle rack and he uses it to hunt wild pigs. A sneaky quiet hunting ride. Along the Gulf, golf carts are a favorite for homeowners whose beach homes are a few blocks from the water. Car parking is almost nonexistent, but you can put a cart anywhere. You have to see these things to appreciate them. Check out our inventory at www.awtpowersports.com or give us a call at 713-682-1085. We have even added low interest financing you can apply for directly from the website. Contact us today.